I hope you will use Cottonwood College as a stepping stone to live out what God has placed on your heart.

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Who We Are

Do you want a better understanding of the Bible? Do you have a desire to learn and grow? Do you need practical tools to live out the things God is calling you to do? Since 1990, Cottonwood College has been challenging men and women in the areas of Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership. We create a dynamic environment for students to engage the Bible and each other for exponential opportunities for growth. Our goal is for every student to become better acquainted with God’s Word and be better equipped as a leader both in and outside of the Local Church.

Our program is flexible enough to fit your schedule and meet the needs you have as a student. You can attend Cottonwood College full time or part time, taking 1 or more classes at a time.


Pastor Garrett Sederholm – Director
Rev. Susan Courtright – Academic Administrator
Kenric Tran – Enrollment Coordinator
Star Whitaker – Operations & Marketing Coordinator
Debbie Perez-Boyd – Administrative Support