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“There were a lot of late nights, early mornings, and weekends. There are a lot of times that you don’t feel like it, but without hard work, there is no payoff.” Having a desire to learn more about the Bible was always apparent to Al & Dalia, but they knew they needed training. Al was working at the bank when he first enrolled in CLC, and it was tough to find balance between work, family life and committing to attend school. Knowing that his family was on board was the game changer that allowed him to finish CLC and move forward with his calling in ministry. Al encourages all students coming into CLC to form a study group, “Do study groups. It is easier to get distracted when you are by yourself; having people around you also encourages you to remember what you learned.”

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For a decade, Al & Dalia served as youth leaders in their church, influencing the lives of young people. Being in ministry, the couple had the unique opportunity of seeing the backstory of people’s lives. Today, they pastor a church they established in Norwalk, CA. One of the keys to ministry they observed while at CLC was the way that the leaders honored one another.  It has inspired them to make a daily effort to put that into practice and honor one another in all that they do.

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“It was challenging, but I loved every minute of it.” Dalia faced CLC head on, not allowing herself to become overwhelmed by anxiety and worry, but instead, focused on the calling that God had placed on her life. Dalia reflects on her experience, “Day to day it might be tough to be a student, run a family, and pursue the things God’s placed on your heart, but the reward is far greater than the struggle.” What kept Dalia motivated during those trying moments was taking it one day at a time. Her confidence was founded in knowing that from the moment she started CLC, God was the one who would sustain her, and finish what He began.

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