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“One day my wife said, ‘You’re different now, and it’s so great. Who you are becoming is exceeding my expectations.’ Can you say ego boost? She jokes about it saying that she wants to quit her masters program and go to CLC with me.” While on the leadership team at his church, Ryan attended a conference that had a profound impact on his life. The teaching at the conference inspired change in the way he saw ministry and how it’s done practically. After spending time in prayer, Ryan took an introspective approach and asked God, “What do you want me to do?” After seeing an advertisement for the college during church service, it was a no brainer for him. At that moment, he knew God was answering his prayer, encouraging him to join CLC to become better equipped for the call of ministry on his life. With his smile lighting up the entire campus, he adds, “I look back now and wonder how I was ever in ministry without having the basic foundations I’ve acquired attending CLC.”

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One of the first struggles Ryan faced was finding a rhythm with the practical day-to-day duties that comes with the responsibility of being a husband. As hard as that may seem, God provided grace that empowered Ryan to find stability and keep a positive perspective. He credits that grace to both students and faculty members that helped him during his journey with encouragement, understanding and motivation.

Ryan says it best, “Connecting with people from day one is key to getting the most out of the CLC experience. Creating a sense of community helps you stay on course when you feel like stepping away from school. This stood out to me because as Christ followers we are to look after the members of the body. At CLC there are so many opportunities to encourage as well as be encouraged. Because of the way the school is structured, connection happens so easily and we get genuine chances to share what we are going through in our individual lives and it enhances the curriculum greatly.”

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During his time studying Biblical Doctrines, taught by Garrett Sederholm, he started to uncover the depth of God’s love, understanding that truth was more valuable than anything he had ever signed up for. The answers to the questions he once had began to surface. Ryan realized that God was setting him up for something far greater than a traditional college experience. “I often found myself sitting in class saying, ‘I would love to volunteer my time with that guy right there,’ or, ‘I’d want to go into ministry with them.’ When I look at my classmates I see their passion and love for Jesus.”

“I think anybody that has a heart for God will love CLC. I would venture to say that a large majority of the students are not looking to start a ministry, but instead are desiring to learn more about the God they are serving. I have met classmates who have joined CLC not knowing where they fit in ministry, but through the classes, gained a better understanding of how to use the gifts they always had.”

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