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“I first considered coming to CLC several years before actually attending because I wanted to wait for my husband to be on board with me going. I submitted an application a year before I actually went with the caveat that I was going to wait to have a blessing from my husband and family to go. So when that happened, I knew it was my time to attend.”

Christian knew wholeheartedly that attending CLC was about to be part of her story. She understood that the decision to move forward was not her timing,  but God’s. After much patience and trust, she received confirmation from the Holy Spirit, “I want you to put words to your faith. I want you to work out the language of your faith so that you can share more effectively in what I’ve done in you.” After receiving confirmation and seeing the pieces of the puzzle in her life come together, she knew CLC was the next step in her journey.

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We all need answers and direction from God. It can be difficult to find an absolute on whether or not we should move forward in pursuing our God given desires. Sometimes we find ourselves contemplating, even talking ourselves out of what God wants us to do. So, how do we respond when dealing with mixed emotions and don’t quite have all the answers yet?

Christian shared, “We try to figure out how everything is going to work, but then God just says, ‘I want you to walk through this door, by faith. I will supply all of your needs, I will take care of your time commitment.’ If you’re sensing an interest in going to CLC, it’s likely that He placed that within your heart and wants you to move forward.” Moving forward in the decision to enroll at CLC has exceeded all of Christian’s expectations. She talks about how she benefits from the school in terms of spiritual growth in both her giftings and character. Christian has always felt called to help women, and by becoming a student at CLC, she gained more clarity on that particular gift and call.

“What I believe God is asking me to do is missions at home. Now that my kids are grown, I have a couple of rooms, and I want to bring women in for a season of recovery and refreshment. I feel like my time at CLC prepared me and equipped me to move forward into what God has asked me to do.”

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“One of the things that I didn’t expect was for this journey to also play a part in my growth in character. You know, when you sit down to commit to something and you begin a two year journey with a group of people, sometimes the things that you didn’t know were an issue for you begin to rise to the surface. So, in addition to learning and putting language to my faith, it was a time of character development. I discovered some things that I didn’t know about myself and had to work through them to let God strengthen those areas I was weak in.” Not only was there a new awareness of her gifts but she recognized how God was using this time at CLC to re-shape her character by highlighting some areas of weakness in her life.

Looking back at the journey, Christian loved every minute of it. She credits her maturity growth to the community of students, faculty, and the leadership lessons she gained throughout the process. For those of you who are thinking of enrolling or perhaps have signed up already, Christian leaves us with some added encouragement, “You can make this work in the middle of a very busy life. There just needs to be an understanding that it’s something God’s calling you to do no matter what the circumstance, assignments, family or work. You learn how to consistently walk and abide in Him.”

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